Video Production & Photography


b. 1986, HK.

Jessica Carr

Creative storyteller

Hey, I'm Jess!

I'm the co-founder and producer of local video production company, Space Flower, and a freelance photographer. Working with imagery is my passion, but that passion loses its lustre if it's not for an awesome purpose or for awesome people. That's why I love working with local businesses, non-profit organizations, and creative startups as well as daring entrepreneurs, change-makers, and creative geniuses.

I believe in giving the little guys a way to compete with the big guys. And I don't believe in creating copy-cat content everyone has seen before. I like to help brands pop with bold, colorful, and creative content. So, keep that in mind when considering me or Space Flower for your creative needs. I want to make people laugh with unexpected videos, make people hungry with drool-inducing food photography, and give all my clients a confidence boost by showing them who they are through a dazzling new lens.

So Beware: if you hate fun, you probably shouldn't call me.

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